Friday, February 6, 2009

Faaaaalloooooooyd Freshdaily Johnson

CRUDE, CONTEMPORARY, UNCONVENTIONAL, AND FRESH. Life replicating that of an American Apparel Photobook or one that is coextensive to a snapshot of The Wonder Years television show from the late 80's. This is the essence of Sir Floyd Freshdaily Johnson. I <3 Floyd.....and I just wanted you all to know. Photographer, art enthusiast, defiant fashionist (but definitely in a good way), and all around genuine person.

p.s. Floyd you should have ur own spot on my blog.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Customizing What U Call Original: STAMP'D

Our friends from Cali have always exuded a different type of fashion sense to the rest of the world...Seems to me that its a more diverse and liberated side of fashion. I found this company STAMP'D LA, that definitely represents "The Sunshine State" in this sense, and indubitably I've made them a favorite of mine. Chris Stamp has reinvented the signature Los Angeles Chuck Taylor into a contemporary yet refined sneaker. From Nylon to SneakerFreaker to Warp in Japan, everyone is putting their stamp of approval on STAMP'D LA. Shoes start at $110. Here's just a couple to wet your appetite (my particular favorites). I introduce tho u, the 'Jordand' and the 'Roomd'. THROW A D ON THAT BITCH!

Click here for the STAMP'D website.