Friday, January 23, 2009

Don't Call It A Comeback!

KANYE HEARTS LEGO......but what 80's baby doesn't?...I wouldn't call it a comback, lets just call it creating variety... Clearly LEGO is still thinking about us (the one's who have been there from the beginning), and it's nice to not be forgotton. There are more than toys to choose from now.  They've tapped into the fashion market with jewelry, brooches, and belts.  You can find the LEGO heart  in an assortment of 3 colors (red, black, and rainbow) priced at $65 on  Also look for Lego belts in 20 different colors priced at $75.

I first found silver LEGO rings on LOVE LOVE. They are unquestionably a great accessory to add to a dapperishly flashy wardrobe. There are 3 different models, the single block going for $140, the double block going for $151, and the quad block going for $165.


By now you may have heard the news that Nas and Kelis are expecting their first child together. If not, I'm glad I'm the first to tell you, being that they are indubitably my favorite artists. Kelis, 29 is said to be in her first trimester, more than likely in the 3rd month, because there's already a noticeable bump in the belly. A close friend of the couple, who I'm assuming to be Dania Ramirez; Kelis' best friend, says "She's carrying Hip Hop Royalty". The new addition is to make the Jones' a 4some as Nas, 35, already has a 15 year old daughter, Destiny. It has been reported that Kelis is worried about her size 8 figure but is more than happy to have a baby. She says she wants a bunch of kids and to keep slim she just does a lot of TAE BO.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

pinball number count from sesame street

this use to be the sh!+..... still is.


About as limited as the "JODECI BOOT era" or 150 hats on the south side of Chicago are the Nike Flight Lite High White Men Can't Jump Sneaks. Less than 72 pairs made going for about $300 @ They can also be purchased at HOUSE OF HOOPS NYC. Love these shoes. Infectious.

EVERYBODY'S FAVORITE ANTAGONIST DOES THE SMALL SCREEN: mic terror's "king of the new school" trailer

mixtape preview for HERB's favorite local celebrity

mic terror's music at

all upN my e@r talkin all that RHASPY sh!+, tryna ask me sh!+

Before Obama said "imagination is joined by common purpose", JeyFREE the liberation doll had already executed the idea. The concept of the EARPIECES are to revolutionize the world through art and fashion. "Make history an accessory" as she puts it. Personally, I think they're the flyest compliment to a cute face and a bigbrain, hence why they hang on ur head. The FREEYOURMIND project is about keeping social issues close to your noggin, litarally speaking, because as Ghandi once told us, "You have to be the change you want to see in the world". Earpieces run between $45 -$85.
find out more about jeyfree earpieces at REACH her office 832 392 5348 or via email