Friday, January 23, 2009

Don't Call It A Comeback!

KANYE HEARTS LEGO......but what 80's baby doesn't?...I wouldn't call it a comback, lets just call it creating variety... Clearly LEGO is still thinking about us (the one's who have been there from the beginning), and it's nice to not be forgotton. There are more than toys to choose from now.  They've tapped into the fashion market with jewelry, brooches, and belts.  You can find the LEGO heart  in an assortment of 3 colors (red, black, and rainbow) priced at $65 on  Also look for Lego belts in 20 different colors priced at $75.

I first found silver LEGO rings on LOVE LOVE. They are unquestionably a great accessory to add to a dapperishly flashy wardrobe. There are 3 different models, the single block going for $140, the double block going for $151, and the quad block going for $165.

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