Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

art of david walker

from david,
“I was recently invited by Vhils to Lisbon as a guest painter at the annual VSP (Visual Street Performance) show. VSP is an annual live painting event which takes place in the Portuguese cities of Porto and Lisbon. This year VSP took over a huge semi-derelict school in the heart of Lisbon to be decorated by a host of Portuguese talent (including Vhils, Hium, Klit, Mosaik and more) Previous guests include CASE, Xenz, Sickboy.
I spent an amazing 5 days there painting, meeting all the crew, eating great seafood and talking to some very passionate and inspiring artists and art lovers. Thanks to all that made it a great trip.”

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Attractive, Cheap and Wet. Yet Still Safe

The water you purchase thats so much more chichi than what streams out of your kitchen sink or refrigerator, isn't the kind of chichi that I fancy much. Bottled water is contaminated with all types of bacteria from the bottling factory, transportation systems, and even from the actual plastic bottle that it resides in. Believe it or not, tap water is your safest bet. And this is Racquel Youtzy's response to the growing demand for safe refillable water bottles.......A glass bottle labeled Tap Water. Tap water is constantly moving, staying fresh and never stagnating. It is also filtered, disinfected, and is tested many times a day. In contrast, no filtration or disinfection requirements - and virtually no international quality standards - exist for bottled water. A water filtration system and the refillable Tap Water bottle is a simple, clean solution.
Dope design, dope idea.