Sunday, March 29, 2009

La La La La La La La La La......LA is awesome.

having a blast lola...Happy birthday.

random me randomly went to Los Angeles with friends Lo and Fashion King on Saturday. Staying in Hollywood Hills and oddly feeling rather cavalier about it. The things that have excited me the most thus far have been the mountains, and how happy the birds look here. They actually soar in the sky. Forget the fact that the first night I got here I relapsed on my NO DRINKING rule, and was heavily off my ass, I witnessed 4 fights in a club called Echo, one in which a guy was kicked in his face by his own friend and a girl in our posse attempted to play Captain Save Him, and the same girl later attempted to kill a guy in our own camp, and I quote "I'll stab you in the neck with a knife like I'm known to do." Ha. Yes. True story.

The people here are so nice. I walked 2 blocks to the store yesterday morning and all 6 strangers I passed on the way smiled and said hello. On that walk I also saw a little beyond the trees in the backyard, the Hollywood sign for the first time in real life. The weather hasn't been as great as expected but it definitely beats the snow in Chicago. Had a barbeque yesterday in the Valley. That was dope as cheese. Did a little bit of a repeat of the first night, with all the drinking games that Lo suggested. Then off to bed she went, with me left to put everyone out before 5am. I now have a team of new friends. And the saga continues. Give you an update when I return.

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