Friday, April 24, 2009

WTF. Hotelicopter?

Found it on Cyana of course. It has all the accommodations that you might find at the Trump Towers Hotel and it flies. Never thought I'd see this in 2009. Maybe in Andre 3000's cartoon, "Class of 3000", but definitely not now in REAL life. The Hotelicopter is almost like a cruise in the air because of all the things you can do on it and the length of time that it travels. 14-16 day trips with city stops, massages and other spa treatments, full bathrooms with showers, a welcome lounge, and a personal entertainment system for your room. And get this, this aircraft has cell phone reception and WiFi. How they did it, I don't know. This crazy new invention seems a little scarry tho. Almost as if its to much to try and defy gravity. I'll let it make a few hundred runs before I try it out for myself... Although it sounds pretty impressive.

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