Friday, May 29, 2009

The Defiant Fashionist in Such A Good Way. You Can't Do What She Does. You Just Aren't As Clever.

Angela Simmons is so frickin adorable. I love the fact that she's a fashion icon and doesn't dress like a mannequin like most fashion icons do. She doesn't try to step outside the box, cuz she just is outside the box. Must be those great entrepreneurial genes passed down from her father. She's awesome. Being in fashion does not mean wearing what everyone else will be this coming season. Being in fashion is about being yourself. Thanx. To all of you who think you are fashion guru's and like to critizise others taste, PISS THE FUCK OFF cuz you're not dope. You're actually pretty lame to think so. Getting people to hate something about you is a much bigger accomplishment than getting someone to love something about you.

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