Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No writing on the Walls

So I read an article on Harry and Sally (Harry played by the vagina and Sally played by the lovely clitoris), and not to de-boost any egos, but I found out the truth about women and orgasms. For every 6 women who are sexually active, 5 of them have been faking the Great Escape during intercourse. Yes it is true, according to the studies of Dr. Kim Wallen (professor of behavoiral neuroendocrinolgy at Emory University), only 1 of 6 women are experiencing climax when having sexual intercourse. No matter the size of the wonker, the shape of the wonker, how fast or slow the wonker moves, bangs, or thrusts, it just doesn't work as well as her own two hands or a pack of AA batteries. BOY DOES THAT SUCK FOR MORE THAN 50% OF WOMEN IN THE UNIVERSE.
According to E. Jean from Ask Jean on its possible that Harry and Sally are just too far apart to see eye to eye. "No matter how ardently your beau blazes away at “traditional” intercourse (particularly missionary), no matter how frank you are about not 'getting there yet,' no matter how many instructions, compliments, enthusiastic cheers you issue to the poor chap (even if he’s triple-jointed), your Sally is too far from your Harry to be stimulated and is not gonna explode with the unceasing throbs of the biggest whoop-dee-do known to woman."
My personal opinion is that men don't care enough anyways, so I say don't give 'em his until you get yours. If they work really hard, in the end the hard work will pay off for both of you.
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