Thursday, April 30, 2009

Your Head On His Stick

He refers to himself as 'THE GIANT'. And standing at about 6'9", his height still isn't a match to the immeasurable weight that is his talent. The title of this blog is not at all sexual. It is a reference to the human lollipops that always catch my attention in the work of Hebru Brantley. To know Hebru or as I like to call him, Hebee, is to love him. He recognizes the God in him that is his ability to create from observation and he bestows his creations to those of us who can be inspired by it, which is to say all of us. Art is his genius, painting is his flair. From show rooms to street tunnels, from advertisements to web layouts, from wood to canvas, the greatness of Hebru Brantley goes unrecognized, and he's got the clientele numbers to prove it. His next show titled, Fade Resistant, is this coming Friday, May 1st at Three Peas Art Lounge from 6pm-10pm in Chicago.

google him then visit his website at

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